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Protective Structures

Reinforced Earth® MSE wall, TechSpan® arch, and FanWall® barrier products are a proven and cost-effective solution for protective structures used in civil and military applications due to their inherent capabilities to withstand heavy loadings, vibrations, impact, explosions, flooding, and extreme temperatures of -160º C for liquid natural gas up to a flame temperature of about 1100º C.

Reinforced Earth retaining barricades have been developed to provide secondary containment walls for oil and liquid natural gas storage vessels and are also used on military bases to protect explosive magazines, buried bunkers, and storage igloos. The function of these protective walls is to lessen the impact of explosions and accidental spillages and overflows on humans, buildings, or sensitive items stored nearby.

Due to its great resistance and ability to withstand heavy loading and high embankments, TechSpan is a reliable, swift and cost effective solution to create munitions igloos, shelters, and tunnels in conjunction with Reinforced Earth barricades.

FanWall provides a low cost, effective and aesthetically pleasing permanent security barrier solution for transportation, utility, industrial and commercial applications. Barrier panels can incorporate openings for doors or other inserts without affecting the performance of the structure.

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