Image Gallery

Image Gallery

Current Examples of Reinforced Earth Products

Rt. 18, Sect. 2F, 7E & 11H, NJ

Reinforced Earth MSE precast arch wall

The Reinforced Earth Company was contacted by Gannett Fleming in the Fall of 2002 to review the conceptual bridge design for the Rt.18 New George Street Bridge project.  In March of 2005 the projest was awarded to Conti Enterprises and subsequently Conti selected RECo to design and supply the precast arches and the MSE spandrel walls that comprise the core elements of the new bridge.

Charlotte Light Rail Transit, NC

Reinforced Earth MSE retaining precast wall

The completion of Charlotte's South Corridor Light Rail line add yet another successful project to the long list of passenger rail projects for RECo.  The ten-mile long Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) employs 276,000 square feet of Reinforced Earth walls supporting the electrified rail line.