Retained Earth – MSE Precast Panel Retaining Wall

Retained Earth – MSE Precast Panel Retaining Wall

Retained Earth® MSE retaining walls are coherent gravity structures engineered to resist specific loading requirements.  The primary components of a Retained Earth wall consist of alternating layers of granular backfill, and welded wire bar mat soil reinforcements to which a modular precast concrete facing is attached.  Its strength and stability are derived from the frictional interaction between the granular backfill and the reinforcements, resulting in a permanent and predictable bond that creates a unique composite construction material. A mechanical connection between the precast concrete facing panels and the soil reinforcements is achieved by way of a clevis loop embed and high-strength steel connector rod.  This connection creates a system that is technically sound and highly reliable.

Retained Earth retaining walls are an economical way to meet every-day earth retention needs for highway and bridge grade separations, railroads and mass transit systems, waterfronts, airports, loading docks, industrial facilities and commercial and residential developments. They are also used in response to difficult design conditions such as restricted space, designs controlled by pullout resistance and poor foundation soils. The inherent strength and flexibility of the overall wall system gives designers a powerful way to economically solve difficult stability issues for structures subject to flooding or other hydrodynamic forces, or those in seismically active areas. Benefits include:

  • Considerable advantages over cast-in-place, both in construction time and quantity of materials

  • Flexibility, making it possible to build directly upon compressible soils

  • High pullout resistance capabilities, both to static and dynamic loads

  • Ease of installation since construction using prefabricated components is rapid and predictable

  • Superior appearance since the facing is highly suited for architectural finishes