Piano Wall – MSE Precast Retaining Wall with Traffic Barrier

Piano Wall – MSE Precast Retaining Wall with Traffic Barrier

Piano Wall™ is a combination precast traffic barrier and MSE retaining wall which is a coherent gravity structure engineered to resist specific loading requirements. The primary components of a Piano Wall consist of alternating layers of granular backfill, and linear metallic, high-adherence soil reinforcing strips to which a full height 10-foot-long precast composite MSE wall/traffic barrier unit is attached. Its strength and stability are derived from the frictional interaction between the granular backfill and the reinforcements, resulting in a permanent and predictable bond that creates a unique composite construction material. A mechanical connection between the facing panels and the soil reinforcing strips is achieved by way of a special tie strip embed and high strength nut/bolt/washer assembly. This connection creates a system that is technically sound and highly reliable. All necessary design checks have been performed to confirm that the connection is stronger than the soil tensile member it is connecting.

Piano Wall is specifically designed for projects with very low gradients which require grade-separations between roadways or a roadway and an adjacent non-traveled area. The lower portion of each Piano Wall unit serves as the precast concrete facing for the MSE wall and ranges in height from 5- to 10-feet. The upper 2-feet, 8-inches to 3-feet, 6-inches serve as an integral Jersey-type traffic barrier designed to meet AASHTO Standard Specifications. The Piano Wall system can also be used in conjunction with other Reinforced Earth Company wall systems providing a smooth transition into taller retaining walls or bridge abutments. Benefits include:

  • Considerable cost advantages over cast-in-place, by eliminating the need of forming, curing and anchoring mechanisms
  • Rapid and predictable construction with the simultaneous installation of both traffic barrier and retaining wall segments
  • Durable precast concrete offers a long service life with minimal maintenance



"Piano Wall" is a trademark of The Reinforced Earth Company.

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