TechWall - Precast Counterfort Retaining Wall

TechWall - Precast Counterfort Retaining Wall

TechWall™ is a precast retaining wall system which combines a full height facing panel and counterfort into one unit. The system is designed and detailed to meet project-specific requirements. Key to the overall efficiency of the system is the superiority of counterforts, acting as equivalent cantilever beams, in resisting lateral earth pressure. While the counterforts are heavily reinforced, the moments in the facing panel are minimized and a relatively thin concrete facing panel may be used. To further enhance the system’s material efficiencies the counterforts in a TechWall panel may be specifically fabricated to approximate the shape of the bending moment diagram and are generally tapered from top to bottom of each panel.

TechWall precast retaining walls are an effective solution when site conditions preclude the use of linear soil reinforcing strips, such as severe right-of-way restriction, large utility conflict, construction in cut conditions, and roadway widening. The installation of TechWall is based on conventional tilt-up wall construction methods. The precast units are placed on a cast-in-place leveling pad; reinforcing steel extends from each counterfort and is embedded into the cast-in-place footing which is poured after panels are set and braced. Finally, structure backfill is placed and compacted. This system is a unique highly engineered precast retaining wall whose advanced fabrication procedures provide the most efficient use of concrete and reinforcing steel. Benefits include:

  • Considerable advantages over cast-in-place, both in construction time and quantity of materials
  • Simple, rapid, and predictable construction
  • Durable precast concrete offers a long service life with minimal maintenance


"TechWall" is a trademark of The Reinforced Earth Company.