FanWall - Noisewall/Security Barrier

FanWall - Noisewall/Security Barrier

FanWall® is a precast permanent or temporary barrier system which consists of precast modular panels and stainless steel connector cables that can be used for nearly every noise or security problem. These engineered wall systems include both freestanding concrete barriers and post-and-panel structures. A unique, rotatable and interlocking connection system makes FanWall precast barrier extremely versatile; panels can be connected at any angle from a few degrees to a full 90-degree corner, either in the left or right direction and can be cast in any height, width, and thickness needed to meet a project’s performance requirements. Barriers can be erected completely on-grade with minimal ground preparation yet engineered to withstand winds greater than 100 miles per hour.

FanWall provides a low cost, effective and aesthetically pleasing permanent or temporary barrier solution for transportation, utility, industrial and commercial applications. The barrier system can incorporate either a full height precast panel or a stacked panel configuration. The most efficient and economical design is of a repeating trapezoidal layout where panels are connected at engineered angles in a wind-stable pattern and can be completely dismantled, relocated and reassembled if necessary; where sufficient right-of-way is not available the post-and-panel FanWall system can be utilized. The use of stacked panels allows for wider post spacing resulting in fewer post sections and foundations than conventional systems. As right-of way restrictions vary throughout the wall length both variations of the system can be incorporated into one structure with no apparent structural change along the face of the wall, except for the appealing undulation of the freestanding sections. Benefits include:

  • Minimal site preparation
  • Simple, rapid, and predictable construction
  • Maintenance-free and reusable
  • Highly resistant to wind loads and overturning
  • Superior appearance since the facing is highly suited for architectural finishes


"FanWall" is a registered trademark of The Reinforced Earth Company.