Pyramid® - Segmental Retaining Wall

Pyramid® - Segmental Retaining Wall

Pyramid® is a segmental retaining wall (SRW) system developed by The Reinforced Earth Company that combines the advantages of modular block facing and engineered soil reinforcement connections.

The facing blocks can be made with a variety of architectural treatments and have the ability to accommodate any layout with the use of a radius or corner element.

GeoMega™ or other Reinforced Earth® soil reinforcements allow for a fast and easy construction process, as well as a reliable, high-strength connection of the facing blocks to the soil mass. This results in the ideal SRW wall that can match the flexibility, durability, and reliability of a conventional mechanically stabilized earth retaining wall.


Benefits include:
  • Blocks have an engineered synthetic connection or a mechanical steel connection to the soil reinforcements
  • Simple construction procedure
  • The wall system can be fully engineered and supplied by The Reinforced Earth Company

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