Inspiring Innovation through High Performance Composites

Inspiring Innovation through High Performance Composites

Inspired by developing a high performance bridge structure that could meet the challenges to improve the safety, efficiency, reliability, and performance of our nation’s transportation infrastructure, look no further than the InspirArch™. InspirArch is a fully engineered composite arch bridge system ideal for short to medium-span bridges.  

A combination of lightweight concrete-filled fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) tube elements, FRP decking, Reinforced Earth® MSE walls, and cast-in-place footings, the InspirArch system can save you time and money.

Developed at the University of Maine’s Advanced Structure and Composite Center (formerly known as Bridge-in-a-Backpack), this distinctive system is a composite version of what the Romans built in 800 BC. It uses soil-structure interaction to achieve superior strength and efficiency. There are no exposed steel connections. The InspirArch system is extremely durable and virtually maintenance free. The versatile system, available in multiple span configurations, provides great design flexibility enabling engineers and planners to meet highly diverse applications.

With ten years of research and development, and multiple innovation awards, benefits of InspirArch include:

  • AASHTO approved and full scale load tested
  • 100 Year design life
  • Ideal for skewed bridge applications
  • Able to accommodate a wide range of roadway and arch geometries
  • Perfect for Accelerated Bridge Construction
  • Composite arches and decking are prefabricated
  • Modular, lightweight elements allow for rapid deployment that is ideal for building infrastructure in remote locations
  • No bridge deck or approach slabs needed 
  • Aesthetically pleasing


"InspirArch" is a trademark of The Reinforced Earth Company.

  Composite Arch Bridge

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