Relocation of Short Clove Road

Relocation of Short Clove Road

CSX Railroad Bridge Overpass
Reinforced Earth Product in Field
Village of Haverstraw, NY
New York Dept. of Transportation
ECCO III Enterprises
William E. Dailey Precast

Nearly four years in the making, ECCO III Enterprises is finishing up punch list items for completion of The Relocation of Short Clove Road to Route 9W in the Village of Haverstraw, New York.

The project was designed to resolve a traffic safety concern that has existed for a long time, consisting of Short Clove Road traffic crossing the CSX Railroad at grade to get to Route 9W. The crossing was recognized as one of the worst in New York State due to a high level of train activity, steep grades, and haul truck traffic from the Tilcon Quarry operation in Haverstraw (

The $35M project was made possible by Federal and State funding, and the hard work of state and local government. The project has improved the flow of traffic in and out of the village of Haverstraw and will aid the economic growth and revitalization of the village center.   New York State DOT let the project on April 3, 2008, and the contract was awarded to ECCO III Enterprises, Inc. of Yonkers, NY.

The project officially broke ground on October 14, 2008, and three years later on October 28, 2011, the new overpass officially opened to traffic.

The Short Clove Road intersection with Route 9W was diverted 1,500 feet to the North by constructing more than 1,700 lineal feet of roadway embankment ramping up from the village of Haverstraw to Route 9W. The roadway includes two new bridges, one spanning Riverside Avenue and the other spanning the heavily utilized CSX Railroad.

The Reinforced Earth Company (RECo) was selected to supply the Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) system components for the project. More than 80,000 square feet of Reinforced Earth® was constructed to support the roadway embankment and four bridge abutments. The bridge beams rest on spread footings that bear directly on the Reinforced Earth structures. The retaining walls are up to 55 feet in height and are reinforced with galvanized steel reinforcing strips up to 38 feet long. The walls are designed for standard roadway traffic, bridge loads, seismic loading and the possibility of being traveled by an occasional empty off road haul truck from the Haverstraw quarry.

The walls were constructed utilizing RECo’s trademark shape facing panels with a natural concrete grey Ashlar Stone finish. The walls were finished with 2,100 lineal feet of precast concrete coping supporting a fence. The wall panels and coping were fabricated by William E. Dailey Precast.