About Us | Sustainability

We are committed to a sustainable approach through our technologies, people and social responsibilities.

As there becomes a greater awareness of the impact to development and increasing requirements for more environmentally responsible engineering, the reduction of environmental impact by products, structures and systems has become more important to society. Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) walls are inherently more sustainable than many retaining wall systems, since of themselves the MSE walls use far less concrete than regular mass concrete retaining structures and it is the manufacture of standard concrete that has proven to be a major contributor to climate change. Taken together with the long planned life for MSE walls at 75 to 100 years, and the potential to readily recycle the components at the end of service life, the technology has advantages of sustainability that far exceed even their known physical construction advantages. Advances in the processing of recycled materials can now be considered as viable sources of backfill for MSE walls, and even the composition of the concrete in the panels may be enhanced to reduce environmental impacts. At The Reinforced Earth Company, we have developed baseline sustainability models that provide an impact assessment to the environment for our MSE parts and backfill materials. It is through the use of such models that we will endeavor to continue looking at ways to reduce the environmental impacts by careful selection of the components used to build our MSE retaining walls. Please contact us with your sustainability objectives and we will advise you on possible material selections that may be considered for MSE walls on your next project.